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How to Find Out About Unfaithfulness?

How to Find Out About Unfaithfulness?There is so much attention paid on men’s cheating that no one discusses this about women. However Moscow escorts say that women are much wiser in sense of hiding the signs of their unfaithfulness. You should know a few secrets of how to reveal this fact if it exists.

The first thing that can be a sign of unfaithfulness, if to believe Moscow escorts, is any change in woman’s habits and behaviours. For instance, if she wore ordinary underwear and suddenly became a fan of erotic laces, buying new suits every week, Moscow escorts insist it can be because of affair on the side. read more →

Most Popular Mistakes in Cunnilingus from Moscow Escort Experts

Most Popular Mistakes in Cunnilingus from Moscow Escort ExpertsA lot of guys, especially young ones book Moscow escort girl to learn how to make cunnilingus, as they are afraid to spoil their first experience with a girlfriend. Of course experienced escorts will teach you everything you should know and Moscow escort ladies will start their first lesson from the mistakes that you should never do while pleasuring your girl by mouth.

The most of men consider cunnilingus as sucking the clitoris finding no other places to stimulate. However, and Moscow escort ladies insist on this, all the area around clitoris, vagina and even anus is highly sensitive and if you stroke it you will get better results. read more →

The Best Client Experience

The most of Moscow escort agency clients never share their impressions from dating with escorts to their friends or colleagues, prefer to keep this in secret. They can discuss how great it was only with their escort girls saying that it was the best time in their lives.
What makes being with escort Moscow girls so great and unforgettable? Why it is impossible to get the same pleasure at home with common partner? Why do men need pay for such a great experience? Everything turned out to be primitively simple.
Men buy Moscow escort ladies for their joy and full satisfaction. The fact that they can afford themselves such an unusual entertainment like read more →

Do Moscow Escorts Get Pleasure from Their Job?

According to various interviews from their own lips, Russian escorts can be divided into two categories in terms of getting pleasure from sex with their clients.
The first group don’t consider sex at work as actually pleasant process when two bodies join together with terrific sensations and loud orgasms. For these Moscow escorts it is a job only and they don’t allow themselves too many emotions about this. They really feel arousal and sexual desire that allows them to be sexy and wet when it is needed, but this is only a physiology with no psychological ground.
However the major part of Russian escorts can’t resist their woman nature and can’t do this like robots. read more →

First Experience with Moscow Escort

Doing this for the first time you don’t know what to expect, whether it will be great or you will be sorry for doing this and never repeat this again. However the first time is always not the last that proves the great quality of escort service. Moscow girls know what to do and be sure, you will like it.
If you feel yourself uncomfortable for making sex with unknown woman, you can first invite her for a couple of drinks in a bar. You can talk to your Moscow escort like to any other girl you met before. Most of them like to talk and know how to relax a client and distract him from worrying.
After you felt relaxation, you can go to your hotel room and do what she was called for. read more →